Our vision

To make the world's visual data consumable for training A.I.

Our mission

To deliver the most valuable platform and toolset for companies utilizing A.I. to scale their businesses and change the world.

Meet the team

Kyle Giddens

Past founder of AI startup Trendi Guru
Past experience as management consultant leading transformation across leading companies in medical products and data security. MBA.

Brad Cohen

Past founder of multiple startups successfully with 100 million+ raised, successful exits to Lycos.  
President and Chief Strategy Officer for LYCOS Internet

Bhaskar Rayavaram

Past founder and Senior Technologist
Background in HIPAA Compliant systems, development and scaling systems.


Come join the team of 60 and change the world of A.I.

To apply for a job with Edgecase, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: careers@edgecase.ai
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Head office
Niv Shochat
 18 Shipyard Dr Suite 2A-50
Hingham, MA 02043