AI is helping doctors with remote training

March 23, 2021

Workers from all fields have been affected by the distancing policies that followed the COVID-19 pandemic. Some slowed their work pace, others had to stop their production, and a few of them introduced new alternatives to continue their duties respecting the new safety rules.

Physicians have come up with countless solutions to fulfill their responsibilities during these difficult times, both to keep treating their patients and find new ways to stop the coronavirus from continuing its course. But doctors also need to be constantly training in order to keep up with the ever changing world of medicine, where new techniques are approved everyday, and this has proven to be a problem in the current state of the world.

“We’ve been working with healthcare organisations for several years, but the pandemic has created really specific challenges that technology is helping to solve.” said Dr. Alex Young, a trained orthopaedic and trauma surgeon. “It’s no longer safe or practicable to have 30 medics in a room with an actor, honing their clinical soft-skills.”

A new solution for training

Numerous training procedures have been put on hold to avoid the spreading of the coronavirus in hospitals, which is why Dr. Young created Virti, an AI-powered “virtual patient” for both new and experienced professionals looking to improve their skills during the pandemic.

“With our virtual patient technology, we’ve created an extremely realistic and repeatable experience that can provide feedback in real time. This means clinicians and students can continue to learn valuable skills.” Dr. Young shared about this new technology.

Virti, after only a few months of being applied during the pandemic, is already named one of the top inventions of 2020 by TIME magazine, and has been praised by many clinicians all over the world.

New problems require new solutions, and the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted up numerous AI solutions that will continue to be used in healthcare to fight future problems, and ongoing ones that have been affecting people globally.

But intelligent systems require data to keep up with the real world, and that sometimes can be difficult to find. offers a solution in the form of synthetic data, a type of data that mimics the real world in a faster and more dynamic way. 

Our platform provides datasets and data annotation services on demand for your company. Visit our website if you want to find out more about us, or wish to receive a free demo.

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